Types of neurofeedback

brain strongThere are six main types of neurofeedback training that can be conducted:

  1. Frequency training
  2. Infra-low frequency training
  3. LENS
  4. sLORETA
  5. Z-Score training
  6. Slow cortical potential training


Currently, there is a lack of evidence suggesting one type of neurofeedback to be better than the other.


The choice of training depends on factors such as:

  • the presenting symptoms of the client
  • the client’s suitability (determined by factors such as age, sensitivities, trauma and medical history)
  • logistical factors such as the availability and distance to neurofeedback service providers.

Ultimately, treatment involves a ┬ácollaborative relationship between the practitioner and client, in order to ensure the client’s needs are met and the best outcomes are reached.