EEG Phenotypes

As more and more research is being done into EEG, several different types of EEG are beginning to be classified as certain subtypes. This list list not comprehensive and as the research grows, this list will be modified as more is known about each phenotype:

(1) Low voltage fast wave: 9-10uv for total EEG. alpha, delta and theta low. Too activated and anxious.

(2) Diffuse slow-wave: Frontal, central and posterior delta and theta. Tends to have a random and chaotic profile.

(3) Mixed fast and slow-wave: Both fast and slow wave present. This is seen in 15% of people with ADHD.

(4)Frontal Lobe hypoperfusion:

(5) Fast alpha variants:

(6) persistent eyes open alpha:

(7) Epileptiform or paroxysmal:

(8) Focal abnormalities:

(9) Frontal Asymmetries:

(10) Excess temporal lobe alpha:

(11) Spindling excessive beta

(12) Cingulate dysfunctions

(13) Persistant Mu rhythms: