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In short, an essay can be defined - it substantiates a personal written opinion. However, it should be borne in mind that the work of the literary genre does not claim to be the basis of the issue under study or its complete source of information. Such an essay contains the conclusions and conclusions of the author. Therefore, an example of its formulation and requirements are only recommendations or a set of rules (for the latter) and should occupy the main part of your thoughts.

History guide
The essay is formed from the French words "experiment", "test", "essay". And this genre was born in this beautiful country during the Renaissance. The French writer and philosopher at first tried to write about everything and about nothing without a preliminary theme and plan of action. He stated that he wanted to soften the boldness of his thoughts and added to the sentences "possibly" and "probably" assumptions, questioning them whenever possible. So "maybe" - in principle, became the expression of the essay formula. Epstein defined this genre as a kind of meta-hypothesis, with its own original reality and way of depicting reality. The essay can be written by one person or by the essay writer ( readers, it does not matter who wrote the essay, as long as the text is concise and well written.
Differences from the novel
The essay genre developed in parallel with the novel genre. However, the latter is more familiar with English literature, especially classical literature. The essay, on the other hand, has had a huge impact on Western prose, it can also affect a person's destiny, in such cases as going to college or working. This is a very important event for every person. In order not to fail this task due to a bad essay, it is better to use the services of authors, for example ( with them you are more likely to get what you want, due to the fact that the essay will be well written.

Unlike the novel, the essay is a monologue and the personality of the author, which well reflects the character of the writer. The quality of the writing also depends on who is writing the essay. if you are
If you don't want to write an essay yourself, use the services of an essay writer ( to write your own essay. Writing with someone can narrow the scope of the genre and present a picture of the world in a very subjective way. At the same time, the essay is inevitably interesting because it explores the inner world of a person, not fictional, but quite real - with its pluses and minuses. The style of such a literary work always contains the imprint of the human soul. The novel reveals all the characters and heroic images that come from the author's pen, no less interesting, but almost unreal.


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