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Facing Low Water Pressure Issue?
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Plumbing is the integral part of any building, may it be residential or commercial.





Due to regular use, we often face issues with the system. Most common of them are the leaks and foul smell. Other plumbing issue that most of us face in our day today life is of low water pressure. This is equally frustrating but can be identified and resolved.



Let us see what the probable causes of the low water pressure are.



Identifying low water pressure



Determine if all locations within your home or office have low water pressure



Check all the faucets you home or office to see if all of them have the same issue or there is an issue with the single faucet that you have recently discovered.







Check the faucet if you only have low water pressure in a particular location



If your faucet is for 맥커스 both hot and cold water, then check by opening cold and hot water only simultaneously on 100 % position, if there is pressure issue with hot water only then probably you need to check you hot water system or otherwise.



p> Causes of low water pressure p> Once you have found out which faucet is facing the issue the next step is to find out the cause of the issue. p> Verify the water meter p> Check the meter. Usually, after the repair activity, people forget to open it back or may not have opened it properly, due to which the water pressure is low.





p> Ensure proper working of stop valve p> Check if these valves are working fine and are open completely. p> Check the Pressure Regulator p> At times, it the pressure regulator is not working in proper condition then there maybe the change in the water pressure and may impact all the fixtures.



p> Check for the leaks p> You need to check if there is any leak in the fittings. Check near the P-traps, under the sink, toilet seats, in the basement of the house or any probably seepage on the walls. If there is a leakage, then you need to get it fixed to solve the low water pressure problem.





p> Recent maintenance works: p> If there had been some recent maintenance work done in the house, may it be related to the plumbing of some other which may impact the plumbing of the house, probably this can be one of the causes of low water pressure.



p> High usability timing: p> If you face an issue of low water pressure at the certain point of the day, say at the time when nearly all the faucets and showers are in use, then maybe the tank is shared amongst all the fittings and the water is distributed in all the taps.





p> Size of the pipe: p> The diameter of the supply pipe may also be the issue of low water pressure. You need to check if the supply pipe has the sufficient width depending upon the water supply and demand. p> Choking in the supply pipe: p> There may be the possibility of mineral deposit or clogging due to debris in the pipeline which is causing the issue.



The simple cleaning of the pipe will solve the issue; this happens usually in the case of hot water lines as due to higher temperature calcification of lines is much more than cold water line with similar quality water. p> Tenure of the pipe: p> In the case of the longer life of the pipes, they may corrode due to natural wear and tear and gets rusted.





This may lead to either leakage or clogging in the pipelines which hampers the proper water flow. p> Height of the tank: p> If the tanks are placed on much height then there may be a possibility that the water has to travel a long way that reduce the pressure at which it is intended to flow.



p> Check with your neighbors: p> If nothing is of concern at you house then probably this is the external issue. Check in your locality that whether everyone is facing the same issue. May be some maintenance work is carried out by the corporation due to which the supply of water is limited.





p> Once you have identified the probable cause of the issue then you need to get to the cause to resolve the same. Probably you need to get in touch with a professional plumber if any repair or maintenance is need

















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